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How to Print from the iPad Easily?

Do you have a strong desire to learn how to print from the iPad when you need to send documents directly from the device to a wireless printer? With the technology processing, any printer connected to a Mac can be used by the iPad!

And any iPad with the latest version of iOS installed can use AirPrint to print to an AirPrint-compatible wireless printer. While AirPrint (The iOS-based printing system) is still not yet a fully realized solution to print from iPad. Fortunately, workarounds for the issues are available.

Guide: How to Print from iPad Freely

Step 1: Connect an AirPrint-compatible wireless printer to your Wi-Fi network and turn it on. Wait until the printer is connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Tips: Make sure that the AirPrint-compatible printer has the latest firmware installed. If not, you can update it to the latest version from the printer manufacturer's official website.

Step 2: Go to the home screen of iPad. Tap the Action icon on the iPad. Tap the "Print" button.

press print button

Step 3: Then many options are displayed once the window appears. Select the printer that you want to print to, if asked.

select your desired printer

Step 4: You can also see many printing options in the resulting dialog. Then you can select them as you desired. Last tap "Print".

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