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How to Change Wallpaper on iPad Easily?

Doubtlessly. Wearing the same clothes gets bored after a while, same thing goes for your iPad wallpaper. It is notorious that Apple iPad offers a default wallpaper background image when you first get started with your iPad device.

Do you want to switch its background picture to your own favorite wallpaper? Apple insists that it offers the built-in feature to help you to customize the background photo to your preferences, in fact, you may find that changing your iPad background is pretty darn easy with Apple instruction.

Further more, you can grab and save images from the web or internet. Just read the article below carefully to learn the easiest way to change wallpaper on ipad.

Guide: How to Change and Switch Wallpaper/Background from iPad Freely

Step 1: Switch on your iPad by tap the "Home" button or the "Reset" button on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 2: Go to the "Settings" icon and touch it. You'll see a list of options on the left side. Choose "Brightness & Wallpaper" from the third one down.

Step 3: After a "Wallpaper" box pops up, you have the option to change two pictures: iPad lock screen and iPad home screen.

Step 4: Choose either of the images, and the following two choices appear: Wallpaper and Saved Photos. You can select your background image according to your personal taste.

set wallpaper on ipad

Step 5: Select one of your desired pictures in the list, then choose to tap "Set Lock Screen", "Set Home Screen" or "Set Both" to set both the home and lock screen.

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